When are Pan Am Games? Worth it?

When are the Pan Am Games this year? From your experiences is it worth it to go? (I've heard of horrendous lines, etc.). The only tournament I participated in out of state this last year after a bad experience at the Arnolds two years ago was Rorion's IGJJ tournament which I thought was very well run. Thanks for the info.

You weigh in right before your match now, so no more lines.

thanks LittleC - do you know when they are?

Pretty sure it's in april in the LA area.  Check the www.adcombat.com archives, I'm pretty sure it was mentioned there but I'm not 100%.



www.cbjj.com.br for all your Federation news and events. The PanAms are worth the trip and time. No line ups, best competition in NA for gi training.

I went last year and it was great. I really hated having to wait and hour for my opponent to show up but other than that it was a fun experience. I look forward to going to this year's event.


April 1, 2 and 3.

I've been to and competed in every Pan AMs since 1999. They have improved every year. Last year, they got rid of having weigh-ins on Friday and replaced it with a weigh-in schedule that is used at the Mundials - i.e., you weigh-in right before you compete and there is no line or wait. Currently, this is the biggest BJJ tournament in the USA with the most big name competitors fighting.

www.cbjj.com.br is the official site.

Is there an english site.

Click on the English button on the site's front page.



Thats the best damn thing anyone has ever done weighing in when you step on the mat!!!!

all competition should be like this... I believe MMA fights should be like this also. Only way to have true weight classes