When Did dana Know?

At what point in time did Dana know that Henderson was injured and would probably not fight? I found it odd that Sonnen started an attack campaign against Jones before the news was released. From what I've heard/seen of the fiasco it appears as if Sonnen knew Henderson was out of the fight before Jones did. There is something fishy smelling here.

It looks to me like Dana found out, talked to Sonnen, waited for awhile, then told everyone else. At that time he offered Jones a guy who just came off a big loss and was not in his weight class as a replacement for the title shot.

I never did blame Jones for the cancellation. I think the UFC could have offered up Sonnen as a non title fight or if they would have looked they could have found a more suitable 205 replacement. The also should have had a stronger undercard.

They obviously wanted to give Sonnen another shot at a belt and when it didn't go as planned they threw Jones under the bus.

If Dana knew Henderson was out long before the announcement does it change your opinion of who should shoulder the blame?

He said 3 weeks ago on the teleprompter announcement

So if they knew 3 weeks out why was the big announcement 8 days out?