When did Ebay start charging tax?

Bought some Ohtani cards tonight and a lego set for the kid, fuckers added on like $16 in tax. What is this fucking bullshit?

Depends on the state. What state are you in?

Kansas. What’s next, government going to make me pay $1.12 on every dollar I tip cam girls?

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Blame your state reps.

Blame N. Dakota, they started it. They passed a law letting them charge sales tax on Internet sales, other states joined in because it was a moneymaker (despite being taxation without representation on out-of-state sellers), online retailers took it to the supreme court, they said it was legal. States started passing “marketplace facilitator” laws that said online sales platforms that facilitated 3rd party sellers had to collect and remit sales taxes on their behalf (because it is easier to collect on all sales instead of hunting down sales from each 3rd party seller.) That’s why in a nutshell.