When did Fedor go from "The Russian Experiment"...

 When the experiment worked.  Its hard to be an "experiment" when the results are successful over and over and over again.

Sean Thompson - 
Naughty Gorilla - Emperors of Russia (1721 - 1917)

Last Russian Emperor

Nicholas II was an autocrat but a weak ruler. He was forced to abdicate in 1917. Nicholas is shown second from the left. Next to him are his four daughters: Tatiana, Olga, Marie, and Anastasia. At right is his hemophiliac son, Alexis. The family, including Nicholas's wife, Alexandra (not pictured), was later killed by Bolsheviks.

I remember that story wasnt it rumored that the daughter Alexandra was not killed and that through the years several women claimed to be her?

that was tatiana...

The last emperor kicks ass and is a class name.

maybe he should change it to pitbull!?