When did humans become this nuts?


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s that when there’s something that looks stupid amd dangerous you can always find someone to try it out.


Damn that’s insane! The amount of skill and balls you need to do something like that is legendary.

I’ve jumped out of a plane, but nothing like this. This stuff and that Felix Baumgartner (that jumped out of a weather balloon) make it look so easy, but it’s all skill and balls!

Apparently Felix is also a stunt helicopter pilot. I saw some of his videos on social media where he loops a helicopter. I didn’t think helicopters could fly upside down like that. Someone commented the he had a license to fly those types of stunts. Are there different kinds of fixed wing and helicopter licenses?

That was awesome, must have took a shitload of planning, if that was in a movie you’d think it was too far fetched.

That was intense, I consider myself a thrill seeker but that’s a little too crazy for me.

Fucking insane … watching this I kept flashing back to that other jumper that went right into the bridge and exploded on impact

I bet they practiced by flying through a hula hoop

How hard was the pilot’s job, is keeping that steady dive a sphincter tightening maneuver or fairly routine aside from catching two guys while doing it?

Especially when theres a market for it on the internet.

Lack of pussy make a man crazy.

Not difficult at all. It’s basically an emergency descent which everyone practices to get their ppl. Probably made even easier in that Pilatus Porter, cause they are made for short fields and have flaps the size of barn doors.

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Meanwhile the Muslim hordes are flooding into France…

(sorry I just thought I’d throw in a standard OG type post)

Fuckin’ White supremacists

Not me!

Personally, I think the people keyholing rock formations are nuttier than this group, but all wingsuit folk are out of their fucking minds regardless.

I love this one as far as dumb shit.

Pilot commits to his pattern completely, what happens happens. At some point pilot will let the bad thing happen if other guy isn’t on point.

Squirrel Suit Lives Matter!

Pilot deserves huge credit there too.