When Did You Find Out.............

.....that it was "sports entertainment"

Personally, I'll never forget when I found out.

There are few events like that in a pro-wrestling fans life. I remember my cousin telling me that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy were really my parents when I was about six years old. What a bitch she was/is!

Then I found out where babies come from. There is no Stork as some of you may believe.

All the time though I believed in Bob Backlund, Pedro Morales, Mil Mascaras, and Bruno Sammartino. I was a face; I admit it.

Then "IT" happened.

The incident that changed me forever.

Larry Zybysko attacked Bruno Sammartino with a wooden chair. Zybysko left Sammartino a bloody mess! Bruno was wearing the proverbial "crimson mask".

I was crushed. For the next few days I was a mess. How could Larry do such a thing to a close friend? A mentor? A legend.

Then my Dad gave me "The Talk".

That day my friends, was the day I lost my innocence.

It's been downhill ever since.

Wrestling's fake?

Everybody use to tell me all the time that wrestling is fake.
Even when I was five years old.
I would always say,"No it's not!" in that angry and yet,trying to hold back tears kid voice that we've all done.

Then years later,Papa Shango cast a spell on the Ultimate Warrior to make him throw up green stuff,what a dickhead!
"My dad then said,you know wrestling's fake right?"
to which I replied,"Then how did he throw that up?"
Then he said,"With the help of special little capsules."

I still thought all the fighting was real,but that was the first day I realized it was fake.

When I was 11 or so I rented a tape called "Secrets of Pro Wrestling" . I wached about half of it and I got so pissed that I stopped the tape, rewound it and returned it the same day. Later on I bought it and used it as a training tool. Only got to work a couple of matches and found out that I'm not a wrestler. I still love the shows and probably will never quit watching.

I was at a wwf show in florida sitting ringside about 15 years ago and the guy behind me yelled,"Hey ref, how much more time?" The ref looked at his watched and mouthed the words "2 minutes" Sure enough,2 minutes later..1..2..3!

I actually became more of a fan after I found out. I wanted to find out how the magic was created and actually trained and broke into the indy scene about 4 years ago.

It may be pre-determined, but it's definately not "fake"..i've got the bruises and scars to prove it.lol

I used to get so mad when my older brother would say "That is so fake. I can't believe you watch that stuff."

So later in the evening, I would wait until he was sleeping and I would climb on his desk and do a flying elbow. And I would always make sure my elbow landed on his face.

Then he would get up and start screaming for our mom, while I'm yelling at the top of my lungs, "DO YOU STILL THINK IT'S FAKE?"

He eventually started putting furniture in front of his door before he went to bed because I was doing wrestling moves at night to him almost on a nightly basis.


My dad had "the talk" with me after a very traumatizing Bruiser Brody rampage.

I am going to have "The Talk" with Jumbo Red, Monday after Raw.

I had heard talk of wrestling being choreographed before but didn't really know for sure til 20/20 did an expose back in the 80's. Two former pro's talked about the business, broke down the moves, and showed how they did stuff like blading. The was the same show where Dave Schultz smacked around the reporter, which he was later fired for.

My dad gave me the talk after I wanted to send a get-well letter to Hogan after Earthquake squashed his ribs.

What are you guys talking about?

When my dad came home from work one day and told me how he'd seen Jackie Pallo rehearsing moves at the gym where he was working.

First live show I went too.

It's funny, now when I ref shows, I can hear the kids at ringside saying "I hear them talking to each other" and "He's not even hitting him." Even a small kid can tell it's fake from ringside.

I was about 8 years old. My Dad smartened me up almost immediately.


I remember as a kid seeing a young Buzz Sawyer become champion of the NWA. I was channel surfing right when we first got cable. I was amazed seeing grown men get thrown around like that. I was hooked. I followed wrestling for a good five years before my uncles started telling me it was totally fake. My dad never went so far as to say it was fake .... he just always shook his head and said "Damn, that's gotta hurt!" When Vince fully took over the WWF and matches started turning into total chaos, I stopped watching. There was a while where no one ever even won a match. It was always disqualifications and countouts. I now, will watch when I come across it.