When Do Nielsons Come Out?

When do the next set of rating come out so we can know for sure whether or not this is the UFC's big break, or a flop like ODL's show?

Any does anyone on the UG/UG have or know anyone who has a Neilson's cable box? If so tell them to tune in, one person can make a hell of a difference

WWE's ratings are all over the internet a couple days after each show

UG member Ryan Lankford has a Neilsen box.

How does that thing work anyway?

www.zap2it.com posts the ratings in their TV section - they have weekly ratings they publish (the week runs Mon - Sun).

They also have daily overnights, but they only covered the major networks...

With monday being a holiday, the overnights won't be available until Wed.

figures...lankford has some wierd thing against UFC and Dana White... bieng hes a FS guy n all. I still dont know what their gripe is with UFC.

How does one go about getting a Nielsen box?

Ryan, I dont know anything about a FS/Dana beef but seriously man you represent 100,000 people. Thats no small number. Id like to ask you to put aside any hatred you have of Dana or the UFc and just put the show on. Dont even watch it, just leave it on and go to another TV. You have the oppertunity to really help the sport without actually doing anything

no i dont think ur a troll.... I do think u have some bias against UFC, and I dont know exactly what its about. I tend to agree with alot of ur oppinions in MMA...its just you have this wierd thing against Dana, and UFC...and it just stinks of the FS thing. Go look on their news page, and look at that bullshit they post about Dana... or what they just posted about Chris breaking Ely's leg. That shit was fucked up and you know it.

Your figures are slightly off there buddy.

If you have a Nielson Box, you individually are only worth about 65,000 people

There are about 5,000 Nielsen Boxes in the USA.

ryan, i gotta agree with sommerville bad boy. Give the show a chance - it is off to a pretty good start. It would be a shame to have it fail.

I think Dana's a shmuck too but i still watch the UFC,cant blaim the fighters for his bad business dealings.

BJandCabbageFan, what are u LOLing about?

Lankford, what do you get out of this? Does Nielson give you free cable or something? Or is it just the gratification of knowing you are in the program?

Ryan, I don't care if you have a grudge against Dana. That's your business.

But...why not watch the show for Randy, Chuck, and the rest of the guys on the show?

If the show fails, Dana isn't the only one who loses out

Probably been posted already but I just found this:

Wednesday, January 19, 2005
by Josh Gross (joshg@sherdog.com)

Overnight ratings are in for the premiere episode of Spike TV's "Ultimate Fighter." The Reality Show debuted with a 1.5 rating Monday night, translating to roughly 1.8 million viewers, Sherdog.com was told by sources within Zuffa, the Las Vegas-based promoter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

With a relatively weak lead-in from WWE's RAW, which drew a lower-than-usual 3.0 -- due possibly to the Martin Luther King holiday -- and no national PR campaign for the "Ultimate Fighter" debut, these numbers appear to be very solid, and executives at both Spike TV and Zuffa are said to be ecstatic.

""BJandCabbageFan, what are u LOLing about?"...........First, there are 5,100 Nielsen boxes throughout the country, so your analysis that he represents 100,000 "people" would indicate that there are Five hundred and ten million people in the United States. Second, Your logic that Ryan, by tuning into the show, would increase its ratings by 100,000 people makes zero sense. If Ryan tuned into the show he would add 1 out of the number watched in the 5,100 sample---after the ratings equation is worked out (using the raw data from the 5,100 box sample) he (one box)would be an mathmatically insignificant increase in the ratings of the show."

Bj, when i made that post and assumption, i had no idea how many neilson boxes there were or how many people each represented. I was going on figures that were given in a earlier post. How exactly is the ratings equation worked out? I simply thought each oh the 5,100 simply represented a certain percentage of the population.

What exactly do you consider mathematically insignificant? Even if ryan didnt contribute that much, its still more than they were getting before, and they could use all the nielson viewers they could get