When Do You Eat? Re: AM Workouts

I just bought Ross's book Infinite Intensity, but my Q is relelvant to any interval type workout first thing in the morning...

What i want to know is when do you guys eat? i do my S&C at 6am, (then skills at night) lately ive been getting up about 5am to drink a shake or eat then going back to bed before getting up at 6am to train.

From what i know HIIT routines look like id need to be seriously fueled up to finish or should i quit being a pussy & do them on an empty stomach?

I do my morning CrossFit workouts on an empty stomach all the time and then eat a balanced Zone-style snack afterwards.

I do know i dont like losing sleep for anything... i dont even know if the food i just consumed is being used for fuel, or if the energy source a refelction of what was eaten the day before..

I used to do my workouts fasted... never had a problem with it.

Now I typically have a whey shake made with water just to get something in my body, workout, and then have a good post workout meal.

If it's interval training.. nothing. If it's weights.. piece of toast with honey on it or cereal followed by creatine/caffeine, 30-40 min. prior to workout.

The gym i go to is 30mins drive, so i down a shake on my way out the door, but im getting rid of my gym membership & training at home, may just have to do it fasted...

I love working out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Just 12oz of water and I'm good to go.

After I drink a protein shake, eat some fruit like watermellon or a few oranges, and a kashi bar.

Empty stomach with a bit of coffee to start my engine.

But I'm a bit of headcase and if I eat anything or even drink a shake within 2 or 3 hours of a workout I feel like I'm going to puke no matter what type of training I am doing.

Hell I've gotten naseous after drinking a shake and doing a basic upper body strength workout.

I almost always get up at 3:30 or 4AM. Read 1/2 hr.
while I have 2 cups of coffee. Warm up and stretch
and do waist exercises for 1/2 hr. Then I do Interval
training or LSD on alternate days for an hour. 1/2
hour in the shower and I eat a light breakfast of
fruit, cereal and skim milk. On Sundays I don't
workout. On Thursdays I go out to breakfast and
eat eggs, pancakes, etc..