When do you see the USA collapsing totally?

Tuesday, 3:23 PM EST.

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The day AI decides humans have basically flawed programming and are redundant. It’s not that far off. We are the Eloi.


Not with a bang, but a whimper.

Well in 2209 we will absorb Mexico, but we will no longer be called USA.

*prepares immediately

This is the correct answer.

Around 2025

The Deagle population projections project a massive population decline in America around that year.

That’s when they seemed to get really serious about abusing the fiat dollar. But could be argued that was made possiboe by the end of the gold standard and by the creation of the Fed.

OP - what do you mean by total collapse? Second great depression? The end of sovereignty? The end of US hegemony? Kamala as POTUS?

Less then 2 years? 2 more year of puddin head out to do it. Food shortages, inflation, a new world war, I got 2 years tops.

All putin’s fault, of course.