When does Jeff Joslin fight again?

Does anyone know when he will compete again?

ttt for Jeff's return.


Jeff fights every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, right after warm ups, techniques and then fighting.

I ment when does Jeff fight in the TKO again and does anyone know if he wants to go for a title?

OHHHH, You mean that kind of fight. In that case I don't know. But if you call the club and set it up with Jeff I am sure, he's open to a person dropping in and training and watching him fight in the class. You might even have the chance to fight with him yourself.

It is a feeling of greatness when you roll with him.

Jesus Jay.. shut up!!

Admit it Rowan.

You're gonna miss Jay's original zaniness when you leave.

Jeff, Jay's the reason Rowan is going.

Sorry for the highjack...

Rowan, when are you leaving?


Hmm, interesting point Dave.