When does Peewee fight again?

Dave Peewee Herman. Last I knew that he fought was in June and beat on Waterman.

That guy rules. Need update!

Name Dave Herman
Record 11 - 0 - 0 (Win - Loss - Draw)
Wins 8 (T)KOs ( 72.73 %)
3 Submissions ( 27.27 %)
Association C-4 MMA

isnt he on one of the upcoming Elitexc cards?

He fights a week from Friday actually, he'll be headlining the next ShoXC card vs. Kerry Schall

Awesome. Thanks!


Thanks I thought I'd post his statistics to eliminate several potential questions. It should be standard protocol.

He rules. I remember him doing some flying jump kick last fight and it kind of landed.

Yea, he's seriously the most athletic heavyweight I've ever seen.

If you think he's impressive on TV, just try rolling w/ him sometime. He's nearly impossible to finish. He actually just got done training in Vegas w/ Mir @ Striking Unlimited.

Rumor has it, Herman is actually training, which is terrible news for every heavyweight in EliteXC.

ttt for Blueberry Muffin

I think one of my boyhood dreams is to drink at a bar with Dave Herman and Wes Simms. I would be their little loud mouth friend who can dance and is very social.

Then some frats guys push up between us and Herman and Simms to try to be nice, but they persist to not know who the hell they are.

One of the frat guys turns his hat back like he want to fight, but luckily Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman had just paid cover at the door and do two double leg take downs on the frat guys.

McCorkle caught the correct!!!!

is he training now? cause when he came to hawaii he was just doing back flips off 80ft high waterfalls. Hes an animal and a little crazy

yes he is taking his training more serious now.


Fighting this Friday on the SHO XC card in Hammond IN