When Hungarians bitch about ussr...they never mention

yes THEY attacked the ussr first and of course lost together with their german bosses

also on semi related point
they might have the best helpers nazi’s had when it came to murdering jews,serbs and roma people…Croatians could have been the only ones worse

overall the hungarian people are great but they pretend their issues with russia are one sided

and their great leader Orban rightfully apologized to jews for hungarian crimes against them in ww2

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your bent over mother cares

your bent over mother cares


Not bent over and she still doesn’t care…two wrongs don’t make a right…


who is suggesting they should have paid no price
for the amount of serbs,jews,russians,ukrainians etc they killed

you attack a country, you pay a price

what the ussr did to them was a cake walk compared to what they did to serbs and jews etc

learn to read books
inbred trailer park scum

Shut up nerd

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learn to read and

WTF, is this a touch alt?


no and do facts trigger you

cause you only heard one side of their story before lol

I’m not convinced, and “trigger you” is such a gay phrase.

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hey queer
what are you not convinced off?

that hungary attacked the ussr and bitched about the results after lol

I just want to say reading is for fags

Nope, I’m not convinced that you’re not a touch alt, I am convinced that you’re a bitch.

Suck Hungarian Dick


ohh hey its the Faggot of budapest…the city ussr conquered

here are 2 of your childhood idols

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Orban is a good man
unlike the fascists that ran hungary in ww2
who attacked ussr and Yugoslavia

i do like how all the queers responding dont address the facts
only offer stupid jokes…so they dont face reality

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