When Hungarians bitch about ussr...they never mention

This guy is a fuckin cock lol.

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well of course this nek guy is a cuck

he is polish

poland has been russia’s bitch for a long time

whats funny is that all russia haters on here
can only throw insults but NOT ONE of them has provided a historical counter argument for anything in the original part of this post

facts trigger idiots
and clearly the idiots are triggered by the facts that change their little uneducated views on the matter

This alt-troll account is proof that the OG should bring back the feature to show multiple accounts who share the same IP.

your father should have beaten you more

you might not have turned to be a faggot
that thinks anyone with different views is a bot

and like the other idiots …you cannot provide any historical counter argument to the original part of the thread


It looks like your transition isn’t going well. The only solution is to accept you are a massive faggot.

Troll thread but you leave the point of a serbian killing the heir to the austrian hungarian throne and russia backing serbia and saying it will get involved if serbia is attacked which obviously happened. There was bad blood there before ww2.


Place wouldn’t be as cool without all the mania. Thanks OP for staying off the meds.

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It’s almost as if the Hungarians are living in the now… you should try it sometime.


Finland with like 9 guys made you cuck pussy…They took turns with all your mother’s orfices…what a cheap whore, even cheaper now the bottom fell out of the Ruble…

dont forget the WHITE DEATH destroyed the Russian army

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Did that feature ever work? Maybe in the early 2000’s?

how is it a troll thread

the point of the thread is that people only hear one side of the story
in the ussr-hungary story and this has made many on here quite mad…

some have even shown that they are actually fans of the nazi movement
which means they are scum of the earth

now to your point, its common to know this
so tell me how does a political murder excuse hungarian’s killing innocent serbs many years later?.. and helping nazi’s round up jews and roma people…both groups who had nothing to do with the event you mentioned

ps at no point did i say serbia or russia are innocent in history
the point is hungarians paint themselves this way
while peope who dont know much history
accept their point of view

people should start reading books again

once again the polish retard
shows why he is a retard

read before opening your mouth

Your whore mother doesn’t even wait to read…that slut can’t wait to gargle semen. She probably kissed you as a baby afterwords…would explain alot…

I expect the stock market to go to shit on the 27th and the new war to have a escalation moment on the 28th. Folks love using repeat dates of importance.

Or off meds ranting

Does being off meds cause people to make alt accounts, multiple personalities?

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