When Hungarians bitch about ussr...they never mention

It could but in Op’s case i think he is just overdosing on gay sperm.

I don’t think this is really the time for someone supporting Russia to be picking fights with Hungarians.

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Yawn, who cares. We dont hear about how bad the soviet union was in u.s. education. I can spin that as being one sided. Holodomor? Gulags? Communism? It happened , its history cant change it. 99.9% of population on earth now would not support a genocide. Thread is dumb, your just trying to rile up pro-hungarians.

Ah yes the fact that a serb trained and armed by serbian goverment killed the heir to the throne might have left a lasting impression on austria hungary hence the hatred afterwards.
Communism sucks, most people want to side with whoever fights it hence modern day pro hungarian support.

if you read what i said…i am not picking fights with Hungarians

the point for the 50time is that
they point at dirt in ussr history
but “forget” their own dirt

no your retarded polish forefathers were busy surrendering to russia as always lol

every horrible thing you mentioned is not worse
then fascist Hungarians helping nazi germany
round up jews, serbs, and roma people to be killed in ww2

also as mentioned they forget to mention
that attacked the ussr and killed tons of people there

but yeah history starts in 1956

Ussr has so much dirt. It would have been a great misfortune to be born in that shithole. Civil war, Stalin, ww ii, stagnation post 1970 then collapsd. They love asiatic despotism.

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The Hungarians who are more pro-Horthy are also the Hungarians who are more pro-Russia. I don’t know what battle you think you are fighting.

I’m not Polish, can you not read or are the stereotypes of Russians being inbred retards true?