When I bend wrist my hand goes numb. Carpal tunnel?

Over the last two weeks or so I’ve noticed that if I bend my first my hand goes numb. Really annoying and it just started happening out of the blue.

So what is it? Stroke? AIDS? Fagoons disease?

Chronic limp wrist syndrome. Eat some steak twice a day for two weeeks and it’ll clear up.


Carpal tunnel very likely.

What goes numb? The whole hand or just a few fingers?

Sounds like a bad case of the Ed Zachary.

the stranger

To lay on one’s arm so as to deny the passage of blood and ultimately loose feeling in the limb, followed by the act of masturbation with said limb.

The whole hand.

Do I have to take some time off servicing the local glory holes as well?

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Likely carpal tunnel. Get an EMG. Try using a splint at night to avoid bending your wrist.

This is exactly what my mother described before having carpal tunnel surgery.

Back in the day we called that a ‘stranger’

… beat me to it.

Jerk off with it, itll be like having a friend…

If I bend my arms at the elbow (I like to sleep with my hands on my chest) my pinkies start to go numb now.

Get a spica wrist splint to sleep in. Will help a ton.

This was described and accurately recognized by Tumbler in Gone In 60 Seconds

You need a new javelin!

I know a bunch of people who have had the surgery- was a game changer for them.

I get it occasionally, but I’m not at the point yet where I’m frequently dropping things cause I can’t tell if I’m gripping.

Had it with left hand. last 2 fingers would go numb so not carpal but the other one…can’t remember name. Quite a few physio sessions working different nerve entrapment areas. Neck, elbow and wrist/hand. Finally got relief after wrist work and about 6 months of physio.

turn your palm up, relax your grip and tap on your wrist. if you feel it in your fingers (you will know) you have carpal tunnel syndrome