When I was seventeen, I drank some very good beer.

I drank some very good beer, I purchased with a fake ID.

I drank shit beer, that buddies would buy for me

When i was seventeen i drank Smirnoff ice on a boat on lake havusu over 4th of july weekend and at the time it was fucking delicious. Phone Post 3.0

Was your name Brian McGhee?


When I was 17 we paid some dudes that had a fake $25 for 18 keystones.

I remember one of my friends being mad at how much we paid but it was the difference between getting drunk and not getting drunk. Our supply before the deal was 2 40s and like 3 or 4 random loose bottles of other stuff.

That song is hauntingly cool

The Homer version is hilarious

Also when i was seventeen i got pulled over with a brand new 18 pack of bud light that i drove 20 miles to get cuz dude was 24 and i worked with him and he said he would buy for me. Cop pulls me over sees 18 pack in cab of truck gives me a minor in possession ticket that was 375 bucks and confiscates the beer and the worst part was his asshole comment as the other cop laughs out loud. "Well young man this sure is going to be the most expensive beer you ever buy" Phone Post 3.0

I stayed up listening to Queen

I was drinking Mickey's Big Mouths, Beast Lites and lots of 40's.

Me and 2 buddies sat in the liquor store parking lot waiting for someone who looked cool to walk in. We saw a guy and waved him over, then handed him the money for some beer.

He returned with a case of Sterling. Warm.

It was not rad.

It was in fact lame.

I gave a dude $20 to buy us a case of cold moosehead. Instead, we got a warm case of busch. I was 16, and did not care.