When is Gideon Ray fighting again?

He can slug, he's a lefty, and he was on a nice roll after beating Jason Medina ... what the heck happened to him?

I know he was scheduled to face Ron Jhun (and I would pick Gideon in that fight), but the fight never materialized.

Anyone have the 411 on what's going down with one of the hardest strikers at 170 lbs?

BTW, a Great, GREAT fight would be Gideon vs. Thiago 'Pitbull' Alves.

He is tough, but I dont think he is worth what he wants. He would not fare well, IMHO, against top B or A level competition and probably is playing it quite smart.

Last time I talked to him he said a UFC fight was in the works...that was months ago...its probably a problem with the $$$

The guys got fast hands but was getting tooled on the ground against Medina in the first round. I guess when
you land 10 punches after the bell it can turn a fight around.

Gideon Ray will have his toughest match to date on June 5th at our show when he moves up a weight to face Curtis Stout.

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