when is Guam fight Card ? Verne ?

when is the Guam fight card and what are the matchups ??Did it happen I thought it was last night?I know LaVerne Clarke is fighting a Gracie/Barra Blackbelt ( neither me nor Laverne know his name lol ) Ya my old screen name was Daren Im not trying to hide anything just felt like changing my screen name

Show is May 22...

Clark is now fighting Buck Greer... BJJ guy bailed.

Horn, Clementi and Medina are also fighting on the card.

One week baby

who is Buck Greer ?thanks

My 185er

182 that day


Buck is the guy that is gonna' beat Lavern Clark next week.:)

No disrespect to mr. Clark. I am just a Buck Greer nut rider. I may be the only one right now, but that will change.

Go Buck!!!

TTT for any MAN who can admit they ride the balls of another man..;)

Isn't Rich Clementi on it?

good luck to rich in his fight against yagin.

Clark will hold his own standing... but he's a 170 pounder. He's stepping up to take the place of Tony Fryklund, who is healing a cut after the Lindland fight.

MOnte ur his manager this is the 2nd fight he had in a row ABOVE his weight .LaVerne is a 170 pounder not 185 and he walks rite around 170 pounds

Joker that was boxing and again against a guy much bigger than him .Monte get Verne fights @ 170 hes too small for 185

Can anybody post the full card...

thanks, good luck to the fighters.

Buck and Laverne

Adam Lynn and Jason Medina

Jeremy Horn and some poor fool

Len (canadian) Justin Mercado

I have no idea who else

thanks Chris, my cousin is stationed out there and I am definately going to tell him to check it out. Just was curious about who was fighting, I don't think he follows MMA but his wife is bored and I think they would have a good time.

Hey Brennan, the "poor fool" is Cameron "Bad News" Brown. The Guy has Heavy,Heavy Hands!

LaVerne should be at 170 2nd fight in a row hes had a weight disadvantage cmon MOnte get him fights at 170 he walks around at that weight

Winston Wolf: I have nothing to do with Vern's boxing career... he took the TV fight for the money.

In Guam, he was scheduled to fight a 170 pound opponent, who backed out. The choice was fight Greer, who walks around close to 185, or not have a fight. Vern lives off fighting and said he wanted the fight.

Sometimes you have to look at a fighter's situation... and take that into consideration. I'd rather Vern take a tough fight then try to make money on the streets.

Promo first of all my old screen name is Daren and I was friendly with LaVerne when he was here on the Island.What Im saying is I know LaVerne will take any fight u give him .NO doubt he took the boxing one for the money and is taking this one for the money.Otherwise he would only be fighting at 170.As a friend of Laverne please get him some fights at 170 and make sure he has someone training him.Vernes got a lot of talent and with some good guidence can be a great fighter