When is it too late?

I need to know, what is the max age to start as a beginner and become really good(competitively) at BJJ? Also, what natural abilities are best suited to BJJ?


u can compete at the world level in the over 50 division if u like.

You can start any time before your 30's IMO IF you can train full time. It also depends on what shape you're in as well. If you're in great shape then it will always be easier to take part in any sport.

If you're in good shape and can train full time, then 4-5 years is perfectly reasonable to become great.

As far as attributes, I'd say flexibility, muscular endurance and aggressiveness. Strength helps but isn't the most important thing.

I'm not that strong but if I had great endurance I could beat a lot of stronger guys. I have a weird sort of flexibility in my hips which seems to help me a lot so I can only imagine how useful good overall flexibility could be.

Oh, one final great natural ability that is useful is the ability to make lots of money for little work :) then you can train as much as you like.

What do you mean by "really good"
Competing at blackbelt level?

any age is good to start, just remeber Helio is over 90 years old and still does seminars!!!!! BJJ is for the long term Bro, so start training

When your dead.

I started at over 40 doing BJJ and am able to hold my own well against younger guys. It's not too old at 40, but then again I'm not interested in competing at the Mundials. More interested in learning, progressing, having fun, and keeping in shape.


I don't think any age is too late - if you want to compete you'll notice most guys have form in spurts. I've been training for close to 10 years with months off here and there & I don't believe you can be mentally and physically fit for that entire period.

You'll see guys that are great in their first 12 months training - then plateau for a while and get depressed and quit because they haven't maintained the same progression rate.

You see a lot of world standard guys in Brasil retiring before they're 30 because they started so young - then black belts like Peter de Been (Gracie Barra) has mixed it with the young guys at the Mundials during and past his thirties.

barring injury, you can start anytime, and tough competition starts at the white belt level!

Danny Inosanto started when he was 55+ I believe.


Its never to late as long as you are healthy.

I started my daughters at 5 and 7 they love it. they are trying to get grandpa jim down to train and he is 50 so train my good man train!!

im 18 years old and i fought a guy that was over 40 at the last naga and he put up a good fight. he felt very strong and i had a lot of trouble subbing him. he may be the exception but i think anyone can be good at bjj regardless of age.