When is the ufc starting in london

and when should we start to try and not come on here at all :)

I think the thing starts to broadcast on british tv at 8(british time), So that would be 2pm central time for americans.

last time it started at around 3 pm eastern

9 pm west coast time I thought ?

"The worst part about this, is I really won't be able to not come on a check the results.......I'm to fucking impulsive."

yeah.... i dont know how Im going to avoid coming on here. Its gonna be TOUGH.

I don't even care, i'll be on here reading play by plays as it happens. Then win money that night in my dorm room. Fucking idiots.

2 pm est

Eric you are my fucking idol bro. I cant believe I didnt think of that.

Man I could make like 10 million dollars at some local hooters. Lol.

I did it with the Cro Cop/Gonzaga fight, threw a party at my friends house for the event, everyone was drinking, betting on cro cop because everyone had watched his highlight reel, him being my favorite fighter and all. I won 120$ off the people there i didn't like. I gave my friends their money back though lmao.

You sir are my daily hero for 9/7/07. I applaud you.

Talk mad shit about how good (insert fighters name here)'s (insert game that results in win) is, and bet that he'll win that way. By submission, by arm bar, get more specific but don't give it away, just use refrences from past fights to support the upcoming victory. People think its easy money because your so specific.

I made 40$ by just saying i bet he gets ko'd with a high kick in a joking manner and betting on it.

I<3SpikeTV tapedelay


Spike website says 9PM. I believe that means eastern standard time zone.

Eric Collins is what the UG is all about.

anyone have a link to the weigh-ins?? supposedly they're being re-aired right now.....

I'm expecting Elias to come on anytime with those, kind of surprised he hasn't yet...

My rent will be paid this month thanks to you Eric,... you're the man :)