When is Tyson/Sapp, in may??

i read before that Tyson has signed to fight Sapp in May. But now i am also reading that Tyson has signed to fight in a boxing match in May, against some guy named maskaev?? does anyone know anything about these fights? are they both going to happen in the same month? I cant wait to see Tyson punch sapps head into the 6th row!!

From the Associated Press:

"The manager Tyson fired just a few months ago says he is exploring a possible fight for May or June for the former heavyweight champion, who is mired in debt and in bankruptcy proceedings.

Shelly Finkel said he and Tyson have reunited and that Tyson wants to fight again. Tyson hasnt fought since last February, when he stopped Clifford Etienne in 49 seconds.

Showtime network executive Jay Larkin said he is in talks with Finkel for a Tyson fight on June 5. Tyson has fought mainly on Showtime in recent years.

The June 5 date is the same one Oscar De La Hoya said he will fight on in his next bout. De La Hoya fights on HBO.

Finkel said the 37-year-old Tyson has been working out with a bodyguard, but does not have a trainer yet."

Mike will not fight for K-1 this year imo. No Sapp, no Rickson. He wants to box, and that's what he'll end up doing.

that sucks that he wont be fighting Sapp, but i dont blame him. I would go for the big money fights.

It'll happen around half-past never.

whenever tyson's not capable of beating a top-10 HW boxer

coldfusion is correct

So Sapp will not be competing in the Pride HW Gran prix?


There was a rumor going around that Tyson Vs.
Sapp would be in Hawaii.

If I were Tyson I wouldn't want any part in K1 either, some of the freakshow matchups they come out with is ridiculous.

it was rumored to take place in may in either hawaii, vegas, los angeles.

we all knwo that this shit aint never gonna happen....tyson is never gonna fight under mma rules, and he sure aint fighting no sapp...we wont he doesnt need to,

I'm hoping for Hawaii!

"LOL at Tyson working out with a bodyguard because he doesn't have a trainer yet. Tyson is so washed up, who even cares if he enters K-1? K-1 would be better off developing new talent."

Millions of people care to watch tyson in k-1...this will get record breaking buys here in america, and will get huge buys in japan as well.