When Lions Attack....


Watch the slomo at the end. CRAZY.

Edited to add this: Content may upset viewer.

This stuff makes me sick to the stomach. I hate these rich scum who pay $$ to go out and do nothing but pull the trigger. I would give my left nut to see that guy in the lions mouth being killed. Better yet I wish while the lion was making it's attack they all shot each other in the cross fire.

If they want to be a man or go and shoot something, join the forces and trade rounds with a terrorist in CQB.

This shouldn't even be on this board and I can't believe I wasted this much time on this.

I'm off to puke and kick things.

I hate those guys too.

Shit, lion just needed to go a few more inches to his right and that stupid fuck wouldn't have a face, too bad. Those bitches should take up a real fucking sport, or hunt with their hands to even it up a little.

Fucking cowards, I'd love to see them surrounded in an open field getting shot at. They're all proud about it at the end. That just makes me mad to watch.

CAN wrestler

NHBPHOTOG, I'm sorry I upset you with this post. I hate that shit too and I just wanted to see what other forum members thought about it. I wanted to put it in the OG but I couldn't for some reason. I wish that lion ate that guy at the end there.

There was a show a few weeks ago that showed these rich guys that went hunting for bear. They just filled garbage bags with food and put them out in the forest about 20 feet away from where they were on their post and shot the bear. I don't even know how you could call that hunting and I was actually feeling sick after watching it. Dumbass rednecks getting their kicks. I don't understand it.

I hate hunting altogether.

i hope he shit himself at the end when the lion almost got him.

I woulda checked for squirts while that thing was running at me.

Hunting Endangered species like lions should not be going on....I do not agree with that!!!!

But hunting other game such as deer, elk etc. (Which you are going too eat after you kill it) is all part of wildlife management!! Don't be too hard on "all" hunters!!

right. Killing has nothing to do with it? Just for food or wildlife management?

Wildlife management? I had a friend that worked at a gas station throughout high school and near the end he started calling himself a "Liquid Petroleum Transfer Engineer"

Is that the same thing?

gabora are you on your compurter 24 hours a day how come I cant get that site.

Iron Legs, I've got access to one almost all day and I get bored quickly. I'm gonna get back in the gym tomorrow so maybe I'll see you there.

My comments were not towards you in any way gabora, maybe the OG part, but no spite intended. Even if my mother put that post up I would feel the same way. My girlfriend (Yes the boxer who can't wrestle) is a climber for Green Peace and to say the least I/we have some views on hunting like this.

Very sad that people can't find better things to put their money towards. I bet a hundred miles away from that fenced in "Safari" were starving people living in just horrid conditions.


Personally, I have no problems with hunting as long as the animal is not endangered and you actually eat the animal you hunt, so you're not doing it just to kill something. I don't eat deer but some people do. Same with ducks.

I see no enjoyment in it as unfortunately for me, the cows just don't make an interesting target. The chicken's on the other hand.. :)

Those people should be fed to the lions.

People like this should be arrested and put in game parks where vegetarians like me can hunt them with crossbows. Id like to mount each one of thier heads on my wall, or take them to a taxedermist and have them stuffed looking all aggresive even though I shot them while they were taking a shit. Then I can high five my hunting buddies and feel tough.

How can they do that????

Very stupid people......Too bad they di not shoot each other.

They should come to Scarboro and trade rounds with a couple of lions out here. On a lighter note, I hunt cat! Won't eat it though.

Gabora, Wildlife Management is a necessity in our world today! Maybe you should re-read my previous post before you write something like that!

Killing endangered species is a crime!!