When’s the last time you got truly WORKED

The Pillman DSOTR made me think - when is the last time you got worked?

I actually thought Pillman was shooting w “I respect you booker man”. It was so convincing and well acted by Brian. Not sure I’ve had the same suspension of disbelief much after that.

The only other time was when rock and cena were setting up a match for WM. Some of Cenas promos were stiff- not sure if was a work or not but If it was they had me fooled.

Maybe CM Punk’s pipe bomb promo?


Realizing last year that srgt slaughter had never even been in the military.

Realizing that arn anderson’ s name isnt his real name.

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The Pipe Bomb did not get me at all.

I remember telling my friends that if Vince did not want all those words to get out, he would have cut the mic much sooner.

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Yeah, Henry’s “retirement” was probably the last one.

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When Vader broke Yoko’s leg, I was young but not that young, and maybe even reading online dirt sheets already, but I bought in in the moment, lol.

When Scott Steiner did the math promo I took his word for it. Years later I did my own calculations and found out he was lying!


when in WCCW two santa clauses came out to wish the fantastics a merry christmas, then kicked their asses. it was the freebirds, lol!

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That was classic!!!

When Lesnar opened Orton hard style.

When triple h and hbk showed the curtain call on the titantron. Earlier in the day wrestling hotlines were saying that hhh and hbk were gonna try and get fired on tonight’s Monday night raw. I believed it at the time.

it even worked Jericho into almost getting his ass beat.

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I was pretty sure that Doink The Clown cloned himself at WM IX.

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Watched Dinks debut yesterday. Kinda funny. I did like Doink when he was heel. It fell apart after that though.

I remember watching some early 80’s WWF VHS tapes in the late 80’s and the WWF did a lot of midget wrestling in the early 80s. I’m pretty sure it was popular in the 60’s-early 80’s to put a midget match on a lot of cards.

These are the guys I remember, Little Beaver, Haiti Kid, Little Tokyo and Lord Littlebrook. Was amusing to watch as a kid.

Good one…

I had no idea the Black Scorpion was Ric Flair. Fucking blew my mind.

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I thought a big name would debut at Double or Nothing.

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First thing that popped into my head. Before that was teh pipebomb heard round the world I was at.