when she gets knee in my guard?

I roll often with a girl who is much smaller than me. When she is in my guard and I go to open guard either by my own choosing or after she break me open she gets her knee up right away in my guard. I don't know what to do at this point other than to just try to prevent her from passing.

Any tips/moves that I could use here? I think I learned a move few years ago where I wrap a leg around the outside of her's that is posted and then sit up and do something. I don't recall though

Thanks for any advice!

She is doing this to preventing you from re-closing your guard. When this happens to me I switch to butterfly by hooking my foot inside the knee/leg and sweep, or shrimp back and go to stand-up or knees for a restart. Black Bart

Good question. Having that knee up is a great way to pass guard while negating arm and neck attacks. It is harder to work against that type of posture, but not impossible. Here are some things to try:

1. Like Blackbart said above, you can work to get your butterfly hooks inside and sweep.

2. If her right knee is up, you can try to armdrag her right arm, move your hips toward her right foot, and try to take her back.

3. You can play a De La Riva guard where your left leg will wrap around the outside of her right shin, come under her right knee and come through to control her right hip with your foot. Your right foot will control her left hip. Take her right wrist with your left hand and sit up towards her. Reach behind her right knee with your right hand and pass her right wrist to your right hand. Now she has no base on that side. Rock back and sweep her to your left.

4. Sit up out of your guard and ankle pick her right ankle with your left hand as you push strongly on her upper body with your right hand. Pass her guard and take top position.

Hope these help!


A good way of thinking is to try not to let her get her knee there so often in the first place, as it's a solid starting point for many guard passes. You could do this f.ex. by sweep attacks, which will disturb her base and it might make her knee go away to either side for a while.

Also, as soon as your guard is open, I'd really recommend that you use your legs in some way to prevent her coming forwards. Put a foot or two on her hips. She can't go forwards if you're pushing her hips backwards, right?

You could also hook your feet under her thighs/knees and go for elevator sweeps or the butterfly guard, like Black Bart suggested. (In fact, many people favor the butterfly guard to all other types of open guards because then your legs are probably in the safest places they can be from your opponent's leg attacks.)

Another option is to block her forward entry with your knee somewhere on her upper torso. Just use your legs to stop her from coming forwards. Next, just attack with whatever sweep or submission seems available to you at the moment.

But ... at least you got girls in your gym, bro ;)

Wow, thanks for the suggestions guys! It all makes sense but I'll let you know if I have any questions

Try this:

Let's say her right knee is up.

First of all, you need to sit up. With your left arm,
reach from the outside through the space under her
knee. Think of it as if you were going for a single
leg (which is an option, btw). With your right hand,
control her left sleeve. If you can, hand her left
sleeve to your left hand while it's still hooked under
her knee. Maintain this control as you lift your
left elbow and rise to your knees. You can also push her left knee with your right foot if you wish. If
all goes right, you will have swept her to her left
(your right) and be in good position to pass.

My preference is DLR as Rockwell stated, although you must be careful of the legs.

One sweep I have had particularly good success in this position is simply the open guard scissor sweep. Simply control the sleeves/wrist and bring to the side opposite of the intended sweep. Execute the scissors/elevator to the same side as the knee through.
Hand control is very important; pull them forward, or into you, to off-balance them while keeping your feet on the hip and leg. Without hand control, though, they will post to prevent the sweep or work a pass or leg attack.

Another option is the sitting guard, as quidditch briefly described. There are many options from here as well.

use butterfly or de la riva guard.

DE LA RIVGA GUARD - look into it ask some one at your gym as to what it is and how to implement it into your game. its very useful. I love it.

Shrimp out, sit up and play top game

Viva la Combat Stance!!!

get the rey diogo dvd on de la riva guard (islandmartialarts.com, very cheap $16.95, I have no affiliation)
covers 4 sweeps to deal with this position depending on if their weight is to their right, left, forward, or back