When should you stop heavy cardio?

Im training for a grappling tournament.

Ive been working cardio pretty hard and want to know when to stop doing hard cardio work outs. Obviously training the day before the competition is pointless, and so is 2 days before.

But where do you draw the line? How long does it take for cardio training to actually benefit you?

Let's say the tournament is in 7 days. Should I do a hard cardio work out tomorow? The day after? How many days before the tourney should I be doing cardio?

BTW for cardio I'll run LSD (long slow distance, not acid) on light days and on heavy days I do sprints and bodyweight excersises.

we generally wound down a week prior, 5 days max. Work on technique and strategy- light conditioning and rolling only. Rest the day before. You shouldn't lose any wind at all.