When the hell will hunter's laptop contents be revealed

Well, then maybe you should just shut up instead of talking out of your ass.
Free advice.


Dead wrong. They can take anything with consent.

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Seeing something like cocaine in plain sight while serving a warrant is the example every first year law student learns about. It is called the plain sight exception and take it they absolutely can and do do. Like it happens all the damn time.

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You magatard losers are STILL obsessed with hunters laptop? Fucking hilarious.

Man, you guys are pathetic.

There’s plenty of stuff on there you’d like. The amount of limp penis alone…

Having been in federal raids, they can take whatever the fuck they want. The warrants are usually so broad that it includes almost everything, including forcing you to give them your password

I think a lot of people are missing the point here. Rudy offered the hard drives to the feds and when he said they were Hunter’s they said not interested.

Rudy expects people to believe that despite evidence of criminality on those hard drives no one in the justice department will examine them. That’s absurd. Further why doesn’t he have Tucker reveal their contents? Then the feds would have no choice.

I would guess sometime after mine.

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I’m not missing any of that, I was merely responding to someone who was dead wrong about how warrants and searches work. Your posts raise totally valid points.

I guess Fox/Tucker could be worried about some torts/crimes for publishing that stuff but seems like a stretch and has never stopped a news org that I can remember that got their hands on stuff like that.

I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happening. Tucker gets political mileage out of this so he pretends to go along with it. He knows there’s very few critical thinkers in his audience who’ll ask the obvious question I asked.

You can see it on this thread too. OP asking why Hunter’s laptop contents will be revealed. The answer is never because there’s obviously nothing on there worth releasing or else it would have already been released.

Just like his emails.

Rudy and Tucker are getting mileage out of this by keeping idiots in suspense.

Just reiterating how incredibly wrong all of this information is. 100% wrong. Painfully stupid wrong. Perfect example of why idiots shouldn’t have a voice wrong.

Is that a nipple clamp he’s holding?

Seems like the most likely explanation. I think all those talking heads are POS political hucksters but maybe that is obvious. I never watch any of it other than the occasional clip posted on here. When my parents or in laws visit they have either CNN or Fox News on all the time (depending on who is visiting) and I can’t stand it. Just hearing the obvious bullshit lying and manipulation in the background.

It is one thing to be wrong but to be so confidently wrong and condescending about it…

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Must be cold.

I predict nothing would happen even if Trump didn’t get his presidency stolen

Criminality was plainly exposed that incriminated our current president. Half the country decided not to pay attention.

Now the criminal is in charge of his own investigation of himself.

See how that works?

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lol at anyone still interested on it. yes, its devastating information. and everyone is cahoots, conspiring to keep it from being out in the open. and giuliani has it, but is just choosing to do interviews about it insisting it’s a big deal, rather than just releasing it.

have some self respect, fellas.

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Booooo! I wanted him to “teach” me more. I was learning so much.