When the hell will hunter's laptop contents be revealed

That’s just a deep fake of Hunter Biden and definitely not him. In fact the entire laptop is a deep fake and Hunter saying he smoked Parmesan cheese thinking it was crack is also a deep fake by the Russians

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I wish Biden would set up an independent investigator to look into him and his son, someone like Trey Gowdy who isn’t going to be easily dismissed as a ‘Biden protector.’ Stay out of his way and let him investigate and either bring charges or put a knife in this and be done with it.

As for Rudy and talking about hunter’s harddrives:

  1. Didn’t he already tun them over to Trump / Barr’s FBI in 2019? These were just copies, yea? Or was he sitting on important evidence all this time as rainy day insurance?

  2. I think Rudy is smart enough to play the masses. He just got raided by the FBI in an investigation which started under Trump/Barr, so my initial belief is that it isn’t (entirely) a political witchhunt. This is big, this is damning and credibility destroying, but he goes on Tucker and says, ‘…but, but, but what about Hunter’s Laptop!!!’ and a significant portion of the population will completely look past his issues to agree wit him - see this thread.

  3. The only evidence that he offered hunter’s harddrives and they didn’t take them is his word on TV; did we not learn from Nov-Jan that you can’t trust what he says if he isn’t under oath? I highly doubt the FBI would just take his word that they are Hunter’s and not take them if they were raiding his electronic devices, in my (limited) experience, they take everything.

Hopefully it all comes out.

the kraken will show all.

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Like I said before, the only benefit of the laptop is to keep idiots in suspense. If there was anything criminal on there it would have already been released. The feds aren’t going to refuse to see evidence of criminality. You have to be beyond stupid to believe that.

Then again we had OGers donating to the Wall Fund and Stop the Steal. There’s a sucker born every minute.


Well Kev thinks the police will refuse to take evidence of crimes offered with consent (not saying it happened here or that Rudy is believable just that he said “take it they cannot do”).

You’re definitely right on that point.