When the Left complains about video games

When they bitch about non female characters in war games or upset that lead characters are not female I have to ask myself "why are they assuming gender?"

I mean these sprites/character models don't have genitalia. If anything there has almost never been a male character in a game.

So why does the Left get to say your looks don't dictate your gender then why do they bitch about video game?

Apparently they dont play many games

Horizon Zero Dawn, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us1&2,

last Uncharted that came out, not to mention games where you choose like Fallout 4. 

Does EVERY game have to be a woman? 

Why are you making shit up? 

"The left" consists of a handful of very outspoken moral entrepreneurs who are good at getting their friends to write press releases for them.

In the grand scheme of things, "the left" could not give two shits about gender equality in video games.

OP, are you not concerned as a gamer that POTUS is blaming school shootings on video games?

LawlerPushedInMyBrownEye -

Why are you making shit up? 

This. No wonder most on here think terrorist = Muslim with shit posts like this is it. It’s not an issue for anyone but a couple of attention seeking Instagram weirdos OP. It’s like me saying why are you cool with the KKK if your right leaning. Which would also be a retarded train of thought 

LawlerPushedInMyBrownEye -

Why are you making shit up? 

Exactly. Don't let a few stupid outliers represent "the left." Otherwise, we'll have to say that "the right" is blaming video games for mass shootings. On the grand scale of stupid fucking complaints against video games, nothing beats that.