When the mom-n-law gets cancer

Been MIA from the UG/OG for a good while. And fogood reason. Tons going on in life. Still working two jobs. Two sons. Just built my garage/MANCAVE. Life was moving along.

2-3 weeks ago my mother in law (south Korean. Been in the states 20ish years-married my wife's dad who was USAF) tells me she has problems with using the restroom. Eventually we see a doc. Eventually they tell us she has rectal cancer. It's borderline stage 3 - stage 4. She has two more tests and if they clear ok, she will be declared stage 3, with chemo and radiation treatment beginning at the end of the month, with great chances of the cancer having its ass kicked. If her tests aren't clear, she will be declared stage 4, non curable, and we will then do what we can. But eventually the cancer would end her life.

Shitty part is...my wife, is 29. Her dad died of a heart attack in his sleep when she was 19. So the last decade she's only had her mom and sister (then me n our kids). Now at 29 or so she may be saying goodbye to her mom as well. Fucking life throws curve balls man.

I've had cancer patients at my part time job (ambulance work) but never dealt with it up close like this with a family member. Any advice or good words are greatly appreciated. Cancer sucks. Phone Post 3.0

Oh, man. So sorry to hear this. Best wishes.

Enjoy a silly gif. It's all I got.

Sorry to hear bro.

I hate to say it, but it's going to suck bad as the disease progresses.

My mom died last Sunday from breast cancer...she couldn't eat or drink anything during her last days.

Hopefully there is some type of new drug or immunotherapy in the pipeline that can help your mother in law.

Fuck cancer.

Horrible disease.  My ex's mom passed away a few months back from breast cancer after battling for 2 years.  Shit sucks my ex wife is 26 so yeah man life definitely throws curveballs.  The year before that her grandfather (father of her mom) passed away from lung cancer.  

MMA Playwright - Enjoy a silly gif. It's all I got.

Lol nice way to lighten up the mood, that made me laugh.

Stepdad diagnosed with stomach cancer recently. It's like a kick in the nuts.

Enjoy the time we have. Phone Post 3.0

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MMA Playwright - Enjoy a silly gif. It's all I got.

Lol nice way to lighten up the mood, that made me laugh.


I appreciate the gif. Needed a good laugh. And sorry to hear of the other cancer stories as well. It has definitely made my wife and I view a lot of our family issues much differently. Next week is a big week for us. Her chest port is going to be put in. We find out exactly what stage the cancer is in. It's definitely gonna be stressful Phone Post 3.0

ive heard cancer cannot survive without sugar

and a little baking soda every day is helpfull

and thc oil up the arse is also very helpful


these sound like a joke but if u research em, youll see its all real

u can at least prolong her life

best of luck to u all

My grandma was diagnosed with stage r lung cancer in 2011. She is turning 82 this year and finally looking worse for wear. Old ladies are tough sometimes man. Even if she is stage 4, she may have some good time left. Chemo is no fun, but it definitely can extend time a bit. Best of luck to you and your family. Phone Post 3.0