When the TKO DVD comes out?

Wasn't it supposed to be out by november 23 or something?
Anyone knows when it'll come out as it would be a good christmas gift...

Copied from an e-mail I recieved from Stephane on October 08th:

'It will be available exclusively on www.TKOZONE.tv from Nov. 13th to Dec. 13th and then it will be available at retail stores from coast to coast. We have signed agreements with WAL MART, FUTURE SHOP, VIRGIN, MUSIC WORLD, ZELLERS, VIDEOTRON, ROGERS VIDEO and BLOCKBUSTER CANADA. Sherdog, FCF and
MMA Ring Report will also carry the DVD.

As well, the previous DVD's (UCC 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12) will be release mid-february.'

TKOMMA...any updates? There are some awesome fights on those DVD's I have yet to see. Is there a delay?

Thanks for the update Joe!

TKOMMA the DVD page on tkozone.tv isn't available. Can you provide us more info?

I was disappointed that Menjivar/Palmer didn't make the Best of DVD. Only german suplex KO in the history of MMA.

Nathan is sad :-(

Yeah Nathan, that was SICK. I remember JT describing it to me, but when I actually saw it I was blown away.

It was awesome...

yes it was....tons of good UCC fights out there huh?


2 years after the fight I had Menjivar take me throughh that fight in an interview I did with him.

Matt Hughes had to be jealous of that one.

So no dvds?


ttt for some info!

I'll just have to spend my money on dvds from UFC, and Pride, and KOTC, and rumble on the rock and...

I am sure Sherdog will take my money.

so Antico or TKOMMA, you prefer make an announcement about an upcoming announcement than answer a fan's question?

sorry, I don't know the answer to your Q.


TKOMMA then? any updates for us?

OK then how about the promised 4 ppv's a year that TKO falsely uses in it's anouncement blurb?

Owned and operated by Stephane Patry, TKO produces four (4) pay-per-view events yearly that are broadcasted on Viewer’s Choice Canada (pay-per-view), Bell Express Vu (pay-pre-view satellite provider), Star Choice (pay-per-view). TKO events are also broadcasted on Canada’s Largest Sport Network, The Sports Network (TSN) and on Le Reseau des Sports (RDS). All the events are distributed on DVD and video cassette.

I ain't asking for that much, i just want that Best of TKO DVD! When and where? Please...

That's it. I am gonna start making my own fight dvds.


The following is a re-enactment of the feelings I had when I discovered that there were to be no TKO dvds coming out this month.