when to change brakes? how much?

i don't hear any whistling coming from the indicators.

39,000 miles.


Don't forget the cost of machining the rotors

about 3/4s of miles are highway.


"i don't hear any whistling coming from the indicators. "

The whistling is usually coming from the guys at the truck stop.


Depends on what kind of driving you do. If it's alot of stop-n-go traffic they'll wear out quicker.

Brakes can run very thin without replacing them. The only problem is if they run thin, they transmit heat to the rotors and warp them. I never turn the rotors on my cars unless they are warped. On some cars, some HHondas and all Acuras, you can't turn the rotors off the vehicle without ruining the wheel bearing. You must find a shop, all dealers have them, that has equipment to turn the rotors on the vehicles.

have a 92 pontiac grand prix gt.



I put over 100K on my Mazda without putting on new brakes. It had a standard Tranny and I downshift alot instead of braking.