When to do uldaman?

We're getting into the level range that I've never been before (my old highest char was a 44 shaman). When is it appropriate to do uldaman?

I haven't done any instances in a while, SM is too easy now and for some reason I just don't like RFD.

never....possibly the worst thing ever created.....avoid at all costs.....do ZF until you get high enough for Mara

I like ZF too, but we still need another few lvls to run it comfortably.

I love the part where you let the allies out of the cages and the mayhem that ensues shortly there after.

yeah man....that part is sweet....huge battle....i am trying to get the Bad Mojo mask to drop in that part but everytime it does I lose the Need roll and whenever I am the only cloth wearer it never drops! :(

the boss in uldaman is lvl47 i think so any party in the mid 40's should be fine in there, just make sure the boss is yellow difficulty to your tank or that battle is a huge pain, but that goes for just about any boss battle really ;)

My priest still wears the Bad Mojo mask :)

I also got some sweet gloves there too that I'm finally just upgrading.

ulda is the absolute worst instance ever. skip it and go zf and mara

oh steve....just u wait

fuccccccccccck that place !!!!! Dont bother with that mess of a place. Possibly the worst instance next to ghomer

We have to get the "Mallet of Zul'Farrak" from Hinterlands in order to complete the quest for the carrot on a stick.

We need to hit Hinterlands and get the mallet before heading out to ZF.

Does memtar have it? That would save a lot of time....

Nope, got the carrot though :)

I'll see if I cant grab it for us.

I fucking hate gnomer with all of my balls.

Ran most of it today with a PUG. The instance isn't bad....my group was though. Some 2H wielding shaman insisted on drawing all the aggro.

Sucks, we nearly completed it last night. Seems we were just a couple of mins from the boss. Had we of went down stairs and turned the corner we would have run into him.

Would have prob taken another 15 mins.


The last boss is tough. The strategy we used, which worked (with me, a shaman, tanking no less) was:

Activate the altar (needs three people), have a tank and a dps work on the boss while the healer heals and the other two deal with adds (there are a lot of adds, you can apparently reduce the number by fighting him off in a corner).

When he gets the 20% health he'll summon two stone guardians. Ignore the guardians and everyone in the party concentrates on the boss at this point - when he goes down, the guardians just disappear.

And make sure you go into the next room because there's a big treasure chest in there and some "disks of norgannon" which start a quest that gives you a lot of xp.