When to retire.

Wand is still a game fighter. The guy is a legend in the sport and has more than earned his place in the history books.

When you talk of retirement for such a legend i think it isn't his abilities, heart or even his age that is he concern. It isn't that he couldn't be a top contender or isn't game anymore.

I think the thing to look at is how much punishment the athlete has taken and when to encourage him to walk away in tact. He has beaten the best and still could on any good day. Everyones concern shouldn't be if he can still beat the best, it should be what's best for him. Phone Post

 Everyone should retire after their first loss, or if they think that they might lose... retire!!! 

No but honestly Wand can fight but his style doesn't suite him any more, he would have to fight in a more technical manner and not so aggressive.  

after 2-3 kos honestly

he's been brutally knocked out cold 3 times and then beaten unconscious tonight time for the man to hang it up, amazing career don't want him to end up like Saku

It's a shame to see guys like Chuck and Wand succumb to doing what they have done to opponents during their great careers. They've helped make this sport what it is today. Phone Post

Even Randy Couture looked like he had 1 fight too many the way Machida stopped him! Sad to see but it happens. Phone Post