When was the last time CNN praised Trump at all?

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FreightTrain - When he banned bumpstocks?

Learn how to pull a trigger...sorry bro, but nobody should need help.....

Thats obviously not the point.

Trump turned 250,000 Americans into overnight felons, put manufacturers, distributors and retailers out of business or atleast took away a profit center.

And of-course it contributes to the ultimate goal of disarming the civilian population via the constant incrmental chipping away at the Second.

Not to mention the way he did it by decree, circumventing Congress, the actual law making body of government, paving the way for future gun grabbers to do the same.

Although at this point, it hardly matters.

The Supreme Fraud just said that the states can rape the Second as much as theyd like so we can expect the infringements to keep coming.

supreme court case on 2nd I missed?