When was your last competition?

I was wondering, since there's always so much talk about the need to compete in Catch Wrestling, when was everyone's last competition?

Mine was last November. I also plan on possibly competing this Saturday but will have to see how my finances are.

What about everyone else?

GQ a year and a half ago.

Haven't competed since 2002.

I think it was 1986 :)

June 2005 Where are you competing at, psychoslasher? I was thinking of going to a BJJ no-gi tourney this weekend.

about the same as scuffler

Mma= couple months ago
Grappling= 2yrs
And still have a straight nose= priceless


January European Championship BJJ

Possibly the SC Submission Grappling Championships but I don't know if I will or not.

Don't know if it's worth putting that "liquid gold" in my car, then spend at least 50$ to enter a tournament where I'll leave with nothing more than an ego boost and a trophy :)

psychslasher, I too looked into that tourny,but there are way to many rules.They should call it what it really is ......JIU JITSU . No toe holds,neckcranks,heel hooks!What the hell is it up with that?

Judo tournament a few weeks ago and next Saturday I will be competing in the Northside Submission Championships.


September 2005, sambo and freestyle sambo. Another sambo tourney in May and freestyle/greco week after that one.

Yeah, it does suck that they've throw so many rules in there. My old instructor teaches shootwrestling and when the tournies first started being run, everything was legal! Over the years, he's had ton's of Relson Gracie students come down and their instructor has actually started helping out with the competition. I honestly believe that the rules change is due to a HEAVY influence from those BJJ schools coming down. Over the years where heel hooks, toe holds and neck cranks were allowed; there was never a single injury from these moves yet they still banned them? DEFINATELY HEAVY INFLUENCE FROM BJJ!!

I've competed and won at the last two but it really did limit my arsenal. At this same tournament, there was a guy that whined and complained because he was crossfaced too hard and didn't like having an elbow digging into his face. He whined to the referee after I tapped him with a shinlock saying that I was toe holding him. I actually had to sit the ref on the ground and show him what I did in order to no get DQed. I did have to make sure that I was doing a "shinlock" and not a toe hold before actually applying the move which isn't a good thing to have to do when grappling.

It's sad to see such a good tournament go down the tubes. You'll even probably see on the UG in the next few days the Relson instructor coming on saying that their team won the "team trophy". What he won't tell you is that out of about 15 schools, 9 of them are Gracie schools and they all pool their points together to win the trophy. So everyone can come in last place and they would still win the team trophy. One of their students told me before that the instructor wanted him to intentionally sand bag(even though he's a purple belt) by competing in the intermediate just to win trophies.

It's very sad that instructors sink that low just for trophies. That's why I'm a Ronin I guess :)

there are many stories like that in the martial arts world...it's a sad state of affairs.

Maybe 6 years ago, I got beaten in blue belt gi division by someone whose belt was so worn, it was light gray. (I wore a white belt, as I have no BJJ rank.)

Later that year,this same person would win the no gi NOVICE division at a tournament I competed intermediate in!

"Later that year,this same person would win the no gi NOVICE division at a tournament I competed intermediate in"

I've seen this often when it comes to NAGA tournaments, sad really.

The sith and psychoclasher....I did you guys proud :p

I competed in the SC Grappling Championship it took 1st place in the intermediate.

Got two achilles and one RNC.

The lack of toe holds did suck. I had so many times where I could have ended my match quick, but I had to resort to me least fav. leg lock, the achilles :/

Any of yall going to the NAGA in Atlanta?