When/where is the next sambo comp

Hey I am looking to compete in some sambo competitions. Anyone know where I can get info on when and where?


The North American Freestyle Sambo Championships will be in NJ Sept. 4-5.  We are still finalizing the plans for the United States Sombo Association for 2004.  Nationals are tentatively scheduled for the second or third weekend in Sept. in Coldwater, MI.  The FIAS World Open might be held in Orlando, FL in October, but we still have some work to do to put that together.  We will also be deciding what to do with the Pan Ams for this year.  They might be held in California, but there are other options, and it could be included with one of the other events.  Send me an email at: teamusa@sombo.us, and I will add you to our email list.  That way I can keep you posted on developments.


seniors world championships 24-27 Sept., Moldovia

masters world championships 25-29 Oct, Uzbekistan

combat sambo worlds championships & world cup, Jun 18-21,Czech