When/who last fought in back-to-back UFCs?

With Clementi reportedly fighting at UFC 84 just after finishing UFC 83, it brings me to the question: Who last fought at back-to-back UFCs? When was it?

With that said, who last fought with only one UFC in between (ie: 83 and 85 like Bisping might)?

I know it was different years back when there was ample time between events, but how long has it been exactly?

good question...ttt for an answer


Royce Gracie fought in UFC 1 and UFC 2.

 And UFC 3 and UFC 4 and UFC 5 and UFC 60.

 Joe Riggs. I remembered a stint where he seemed to be on every UFC. And for awhile he was.

Riggs beat Chris Lytle at UFC 55. He lost to Matt Hughes at UFC 56(what a debacle that was) and he beat Nick Diaz up at UFC 57.

 It makes sense that it would be Joe Riggs. Haha!

Thanks for the info, GTT!

Seems like Huerta fought a lot last year.

i know tito was in 50 and 51, dont know anyone who has done back to back since. im sure there is though.

I think Tim Boetch did that vs heath/hamil

Kongo fought at UFC 61 & 62.

Fought at UFC 64 as well when Marrero found him out.

I think Kongo fought twice in a row

damn, didn't see DBerry's post.

Gracie, Pat Smith, Dan Severn, Don Frye?

With so many guys on the roster, why not use someone else?

^^^ Cuz Clementi wants to be a fucking fighter!