When wil they fire Mark Henry?

First the guy injures Batista (like him or not, he was the man on Smackdown when he was injured), and now he's broken a rib of Kurt Angle (see wwe.com).

When will they get rid of this tubby piece of shit? He has no charisma, no ability, no microphone skills, and is nothing more than an oxygen thief.

Vince is of the mentality that if everyone tells him to fire someone, he must keep that person on.

The Angle rib injury is a cover story. Kurt has multiple injuries, mainly his neck again, that need time to heal.

I believe Henry's contract is up this summer. It was a 10 year deal if I'm not mistaken.

Koma, thanks (then Kurt did a great job of acting Friday, and the web site did a good cover story).

stevekt, I figured as much, but then why don't they just bury the fucker? Have him "fued" with someone on Heat or some shit.

Get rid !!

DX in my opinion lol kidding