When will Anderson slow down?

Anderson is 36 years old and closer to 37.

At some point, a fighter starts to slow down. Guys who are primarily strikers usually wind down well before past their mid thirties, but most of them are in heavier wars than Anderson is and Anderson simply hasn't been abused much in fights at all.

Tim Sylvia is 35 and Arlovski is 32 and both are seemingly past it.

Pedro Rizzo is only a year older than Anderson and has been past his prime for a while.

Granted they are all Heavyweights, all are primarily striker based. Hell, Wanderlei is merely 35 and has shown a decline for 5 years now.

Granted that Anderson doesn't do what most fighters do not do and retires without showing a decline, when can we expect Anderson to start getting dropped or caught with punches more often?

When can we see Anderson getting more sloppy and getting KO'd left and right?

I hope this never happens and if a guy like Jones smashes him, I hope he calls it a career or has a legendary match against a guy like Shogun or someone and calls it good.

Sila style is based on timing and feeling, while guys like Wanderlei just go for it.......

That`s why they slow down.

 Unfortunately, a long layoff with an injury that prevents you from training, might just do the trick.

Ask Cain velasquez........