When will MMA REALLY get BIG

When will it reach the point that boxing was at its height? I know some may say never but i dont see how it could not reach that point. Of all the physical achievements the one most respected by men is the ability to kick ass!

Well considering it surpassed boxing by lightyears by the time boxing was this old, I would say not too long.

I wonder if it will start to get big with kids the way wwe is. I remember when i was a kid all the cartoons were about fighting.

I think mma is about as big as it is going to get in the US. But I think within the next 5 years it could be huge internationally.

4.2 seconds after Fedor walks in that cage,it will reach Ali status!


I dont think the top draws in UFC will ever make $20 million or more per fight like the top guys in boxing were doing in the primes of Tyson, Holyfield, Bowe and George Foreman after he became champ in his comeback.

LOL at IFL stock having any baring on MMA. Why would IFL even have a stock go public?

I think its peaked..

^ no especially not with one group being the major players,i think they should pay Gonzales to get hurt,

and rescedule Randy,to make sure he's the champ when Fedor shows up.

People thats been watching the past few years,know Randy,and that's who the part time fans,

want to see in a champion vs champion heavyweight title match,the American fans for sure,want to see Randy in that match.Gonzagas a monster,why take the chance,Chuck had to wait,why can't he?

right now i think this sport needs Fedor vs Couture,to unify the heavyweight titles.

It'll never reach the height boxing did.
The world has changed. Combat sports are considered wrong by a large majority of the population.

I'm happy MMA has got to the stage it has, I never thought I'd see that. Hopefully it can continue to increase in size.

It peaked.

I think as far as popularity it is probably as big as it will get.
There are other ways the UFC can expand. Obviously taking their PPVS around the world is starting that.
What else can they do? It will never be like wrestling because the fights aren't the same. They can't do the same fights over so they can't really do house shows.
They can try more merchandising but how exciting is a toy with a shaved head and tribal tattoos?

At its height, boxing was pretty much the biggest sport in the country, except maybe baseball. I don't think MMA will ever get that big.

The average person has no clue who PBF is!

Boxing will live on though...in MMA!

I think it will get larger as time goes by, its on a curve where the quick intial gains were made and now its time for slow gains to be made...will it ever be larger than boxing used to be? I think its handicaped by the fact that boxing didnt have the competition the way MMA does for fans but I think it could be.