When will NSAC rule on Wandy?

They suspended Sonnen, who is officially retired.  But they haven't ruled on Wanderlei Silva, who is still active.  What are they waiting for?

He is retesting alot I bet.

He probably paid alot of "fines" and had a doctors note. Wouldn't be surprised if he is cleared. Phone Post 3.0

he tested himself and it came back clean. to wanderlei, that means he doesn't need to get a hearing since he's clean.

if he doesn't get a year suspension, something is up.

I thought he had a hearing.

IIRC they moved his hearing to the next meeting.

They are waiting for wands lab to give the NSAC his self test results..... Phone Post 3.0

Pansat - I thought unless he tried to get licensed by them there would be no ruling. Phone Post 3.0
This. How is it they can test someone who didnt apply for a liscense or sign a bout agreement etc... Phone Post 3.0