When will the ET ALIENS REVEAL Themselves?

do you think it’s going to happen within next 20 years?

What if the ET Aliens come and they are gay?

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What if they don’t know what gay is and they just fuck everything that moves?

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Are aliens the coming of Jesus but for the atheist?

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Whenever the elites decide to turn the holograms on.


LOL @ aliens coming to earth. The funniest crap humans have invented

Let’s say you’re not serious - do you really think in the vastness of space that we are the absolute only things alive?

Oh, they’ve revealed themselves already!

They’ve vowed to abduct every last human male with a 12” cock or larger…

Anyway, I just wanted to post one last time and say good bye!!


Jume30. The day Trump goes to the border. And my birthday

I dont believe in other living beings outside of earth… But even if there were, I dont think they’d be coming down here on nice little spaceships with very advanced technology like they make them out to be.

How do you explain the US government admitting to UAPs? The other possibility would be top secret tech from a country like China (or us), which definitely seems more likely in my opinion.

But the debate is a lot more fun right now, that’s for sure.

I don’t think we are the only living things but I also don’t think they have to be carbon based, oxygen breathing beings like our scientists think.

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Nah, these little videos are a cool piece of video projection tech that they tested on our our military and maybe a little over Russia. The Chinese are scrambling and amping up EVEN MORE on their takeover plans so we are fucking with them…haha, it’s funny!!! 'MURICA!!!

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uh oh :slightly_frowning_face:

As big as the universe is there’s no way we are the only ones out there. I just hope we meet them and learn about them while I’m alive.

Would literally change EVERYTHING as we know it.

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What if the aliens are just LEMURlike creatures taking a stroll through the intergalactic JUNGLE looking for human FOOD?

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More or less, yes. Many view them as “saviors from the heavens” bringing “miraculous” technology and uniting mankind together.

If by “scientists” you mean “science fiction authors & Hollywood producers” then I agree.

So you think there’s no possibility in this humongously and ridiculously big universe - one of billions upon billions - that nothing else is alive out there?