When will the pride be on?

at what time?

will it be on Paltalk?

Someone is doing the play by play on the OG?


i know that it will be redifused on sunday. but it is today, isn it?

seriously..i want to know because i do not care about the TV show. we do not get it In France. i just want to listen to Paltalk...

Because Japan time is all fucked up and they like to go back and edit shit before they broadcast.

The event takes place on Sunday. It'll probably start around midnight PST. I have no idea what time that is in France, however. Try www.timezoneconverter.com. Pride usually starts at about 4 pm Japan time.

ok..did not know the even was sunday..i really thought it was today..fuck i am disappointed!!

ok...i am gonna check on sunday...but i do not get it. i always listen to the paltalk crew on the night of saturday to sunday.

why did they change the day of the event?

Sunday suck. It is the end of the week end and you have to go back to work the day after and you cannot enjoy the event!! Friday is much better i think.

So if i understand correctly, the event is duffised in the US in the same day delay?

"why did they change the day of the event?"

Prides have taken place on Sunday for as long as I can remember.

ok...my bad