When will UFC be back east????

Ok pretty sure that UFC 52 is going to be in vegas. Any idea when the UFC will be back @ Mohegan Sun, or even Atlantic City? Us NYC residents are suffering. I haven't seen a live event since UFC 45 :(

Damn you goku, damn you to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!


UFC 50 - AC

I know, I missed 50 :( PLease gimmie another chance it won't happen again.

lol, just a reminder so nyc residents are not in eternal suffering. :)

I'm still suffering :(

But Mohegan Sun is an awesome place to see a live event, even though most of the douchebags that were there were like "Stop Hugging each other and fight you fags", and cheered their ass off for Tank LOL.

But other than that it was awesome :)

Mohegan is the best venue. It's sort of a mini city, but there is really no where to go but the casino, restaraunts or walk around. So you are right there with the fighters the whole time. It's a very rare personal touch to be able to mingle with the fighters you've watched and supported for so long.

I agree Pilot, MS is a great fucking casino and venue. Mark Coleman walked by right by me before UFC 45, and I turned to my fiance to say "Check it out its Mark Coleman", than when I turned around to say hello to him he was gone :(

Although I did get a picture with Tank outside of a restaurant the morning after. Had a huge bandage on his melon from where Cabbage kneed the fuck outta him LOL.

Yeah that was great, and I liked the way they did the weigh ins, right there in front of the arena. I know alot of people who go to the Vegas shows, and despite it being Vegas which is great in it's own right, they can't believe how accessible the fighters are, and how much more fun it is, basing this on the UFC experience alone, not the other things Vegas has to offer.

Fuck man I missed the weigh-ins. I suck hard :(

I really hope they come back to MS soon. I bought the $100 seats and had a great view, but really the venue is so great that no matter where you sit seemed like they would be great seats.

I made the mistake of letting my friend order the tix, he said "yeah I got them" he didn't, then all they had left were the nose bleeds, no audio and huge screen blocking the view to the cage, worst seats ever. I like Boardwalk hall too.

Hey are you going to Many Anchovies UFC party?

Nah man :

1) I'm actually having people over my place in the Bronx already.

2) I'm relatively unknown on here LOL

Its funny, my friends like to watch the UFC, so they come to my place with their girls for a UFC party everytime its on. My cousin, his fiance, and my sister come over and could care less about it but they like the free drinks. My cousin remarked about "Those fags humping each other" last time so the night included me triangling him LOL.

rumor has it UFC 73 will be taking place in Bangor, Maine.

Until then, your SOL.

Sweet...when will tickets be on sale :)

Fuckers!!!!!!! LOL

they won't be using tix, it's a little known fact that the only legal tender in maine is fur pelts. I think the good seats are like 50 pelts.

Sweet, I'll get started when I get home with my cats. Those two fuckers get hair everywhere anyway. Now I just gotta find like 48 more and I'm sooooo in :)

This sucks big Time! Ever since the last time they came, it seemed like you had Redneck Assholes screaming the Shit you mentioned, THEN after one of the Fights, People started throwing Shit (Could have sworn I saw a Bottle in there somewhere) at one of the Fighters on his Way out (Cabbage?!?!), and the Staties had to come over for Protection.

I just know Dana made a mental Note to punish the whole Lot of us. Don't expect it anytime soon. :-(