When will you decide to stop wearing a mask?


Maybe I’m an outlier, but I don’t know ANYONE who’s been seriously effected by covid. If I didn’t hear about it non-stop on TV and the 'net I would have no idea it even existed.

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100% required everywhere indoors here

I Every chance possible I read mask enjoyment of the co worker, city worker, store or business owner, random person I may be talking to and lower mine a bit and say don’t worry I don’t care about masks.

Majority of the time when I do that and we rock like normal humans without fear of invisible ronas…Feels good for all involved

You would be surprised how many that fully comply are just not buying the hype and only masking up to not ruffle the feathers

We will look back on it as a great psychological experiment

I think this is actually the majority of people.

It’s gonna be hilarious when we are doing laundry in ten years you’ll find a mask crammed into some jacket pocket and think about the year and half or whatever that everyone lost their minds over nothing. It’ll be like Y2K or 2012 but times 1000x.


The mask mandates and stores requiring them have created a whole new army of Amazon shoppers. Go online, pick out your order and get it placed on your doorstep. No masks!

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The mask mandates and stores requiring them have created a whole new army of Amazon shoppers. Go online, pick out your order and get it placed on your doorstep. No masks!"

How convenient for the Corporatocracy

I have answered this. But, I also don’t understand why you think it’s such an own. We are wearing masks to protect others and those of us without medical degrees are somewhat dependent on public health officials whom we trust.

I don’t think it’s silly to say I will continue to wear a mask – a minor inconvenience – for as long as people whom I trust tell me that so doing is protecting a large number of people.

Went to 2 bars today, and didnt wear a mask in either one…

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You have not answered it.

“When it’s time, it’s time”. That’s not an answer. I want your threshold. When is too long to be asked for you to wear a mask in your opinion, your threshold? If it’s suggested you continue to wear a mask for 10 more years, would you comply or do you think that’s overkill?

I’m not asking why you think you should wear mask, I am asking about your own thinking. Not what someone is recommending, what do you feel is a justified amount of time to wear a mask, but more importantly when would it be too much to ask, 2 more years?

Here, let me help you help me.

When is too long to expect someone to wear a mask, is it:
A-Another year
B-Two more years
C-Five more years
D-Ten more years
E-More than ten years

If you had to choose one of those as your answer in terms of what is too much to ask, what answer would it be?

This made me think. Did any hysterical shit happen in 1988-1990? I’m too young for it but it seems like every decade or so the human race goes on its period and people lose their minds over nothing for a bit.

Someone with some grey in their pubes fill me in!

I just went to this local mom/pop type of Arabic food restaurant and had my mask in my pocket. One customer was ordering, he had a mask on, the employees did too. A guy came in after me and he had a mask on. I was never asked to put one on.

It’s also a very beautiful day where I’m at and I walked to/from home to this place and it was great to feel the sun on my face and breath the fresh air without the unneeded mask.

Are you suggesting other food chains aren’t part of the “Corporatocracy” ?

“Non essential” family business stores and restaurants certainly aren’t.

I hit two weeks after my second shot tomorrow…I wasn’t overly concerned about Covid (I kept going into the office the entire shutdown etc.) but honestly wearing a mask doesn’t really bother me. If it makes other people feel better, I’ll wear it til whenever people stop wearing them.

Note-I don’t wear them outside for the most part and don’t wear one at work, so it is less of a big deal because it is just when I run in to a store.

Well I usually shop Winn Dixie or Publix. During this “pandemic” i have been using Amazon more. I’ve had people bark at me in stores for not wearing a mask so I just don’t shop with them any more. The Amazon people are always much friendlier.

Well…it was earlier than that I think but there was a reasonable period of time in the 80’s when people were losing their minds thinking that you could get AIDS from hugging, shaking hands, using a toilet etc. My mom actually did volunteer work for an AIDS support network and I remember bringing groceries and stuff to folks that were clearly dying. There were some people who thought you might end up with AIDS just walking in the room with the patient and I remember it was pretty trippy as a little kid thinking about it.

I vaguely remember this hysterical period, at least from pop-culture references. We were on a trajectory for the whole world to die from AIDS but it turned out to just be the homos and IV drug users. Wasn’t Fauci a big proponent of that crisis as well?

I’m really starting to think every decade or so people just freak out for no reason. Like when you are at home chilling and your dog just decides to go nuts and starts running around at top speed for no particular reason.

I was just a kid during that crisis but the fear was huge. I seem to remember Magic Johnson being a huge moment in the change of thought regarding it just being for the gays and junkies. Info then came very slow compared to now though. Now its mostly a battle of narrative and agenda w/ loads of disinformation. Information thats “coming out now” regarding covid was information that came out in the first few months last year that was constantly attacked and labeled as disinformation.

Yeah with the AIDS epidemic you did have the swerve thrown in from cases that came from transfusions. There were kids (the poster child was Ryan White) who were hemophiliacs that ended up getting HIV and there were all sorts of calls to remove them from schools etc. It was pretty crazy…this Funny or Die video kinda highlights how poorly the whole thing was handled

lol @ whoopsie daisy no-no blood.

Man, I forgot all about that show. It was probably my lease favorite popular family sitcom though. Never gave a fuck about that old bastard.