When will you decide to stop wearing a mask?

I answered on another thread when you asked me. I said that I’ll keep wearing a mask until we reach herd immunity, or the only people preventing herd immunity are those who refuse to vaccinate. Over half a million Americans have died from COVID and that number would have been much, much less if everybody masked up early. I see it as a very small sacrifice to protect people.

Like @ryanJ said, it doesn’t both me much and it makes others safer/feel better. I similarly don’t wear them outside. I wear them when I am in public places. Now that I’m vaccinated, I can have mask-free family gatherings.

Yesterday I saw at least 20 sheeple walking in uncrowded streets wearing masks. I took my daughter to softball practice where all of us parents and the kids playing had to wear masks. It’s fucking retarded. I’m fully vaxxed
But that doesn’t matter our shitty pussy govenor says we are wearing masks for the foreseeable future.

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Whats going to really blow their minds is when they realize that states that opened up are getting to herd immunity quicker by allowing healthy people to spread it more while locked down states struggle for several more months trying to hide from the virus.

Lockdowns have always been terrible, but now that we can actually vaccinate those at risk, it only makes lockdowns even that much more retarded…and yet they keep doing it.


I’ll stop with the mask when I stop with the sexual assaults. So maybe 10 years from now when my testosterone levels have dumped.

Yes, fauci, while smart, is also a paranoid retard…

In May 1983, amid the rapidly escalating AIDS crisis, a doctor at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) promoted a stunning theory about the newly encountered disease in the Journal of the American Medical Association ( JAMA ). Noting that the same issue of the journal contained an article documenting one of the first cases of the immunodeficiency disease’s appearance in an infant, the author sounded an alarm about “the possibility that routine close contact, as within a family household, can spread the disease.”

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ya a real fuckin mystery. How about stop holding our businesses and freedoms hostage now?

LOL @ deciding when to stop. I never started. SHEEP!


Lol, it’s a real covid conundrum alright. It hilarious to see the mental gymnastics trying to justify the restrictions and mandates while also explaining the difference in infection rates… Love how at the end they throw in the line about

I don’t think trying to downplay mask will make people re-think their position on things. Most people have their minds made up.

However it does feel like there are a bunch of people who were never sure one way or another, but errored on the side of caution and maybe now since a lot of time has passed, they might be thinking about other effects such as the economy. Maybe people are seeing family/friends in their own city be out of work and struggling financially.

I think if someone can find a video of states like Florida, Tx, and Alabama that show how the economy for those states is starting to get better with people going back to work, that might make some people re-think their stance on masks/covid.

Freedom mother fuckers!

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Sad that people feel they have to live this way

Whats happening here? IM guessing these people have some sort of exemption for a mask free establishment - ie. enter at own risk, and these people showed up demanding that everyone there comply with the mask mandate. Something like that?