When Will Yves Get His Bread???

Seems like after KO'ing two top LW's in the first round back to back, the man deserves some bread...

I totally agree with you!!! Give him his bread!!!

Motherfucking right, give that man his bread for sure!

Doing Texas proud, keep knocking em' out, Yves!


I don't ride any man's jock fella, I'm a supporter,  go troll some where else, do your part support your favorite fighter.

Thank you

What a troll you are hancock, someone ban this man!!! Yves beats Franca,Thomson, AND Kotani in a row and he isn't good unless he beats the 3 you mentioned? You are not a very smart person in America's eyes tonight.

Yeves is the man, but Jesus fuc#in Christ man... Why do you have to be on every single Yeves Edward's thread, Joker? I would love to just once get on an Yeves Edwards thread without feeling like someone is trying to sell me something.


Hancock, you have no credibility walk away. Snapcase, this is my thread, I have a right to be here. TROLLS!!!

don't be hatin yo............gets da man his bread.......TEXA$

hand cock is a jackass.......quit yo hatin hand cock you can't freakin spell and you damn sho cant count to fo.............

Gin, I believe he needs a letter!!!

TRJ.....you have smacked the correct yet again..... chase hand cock off this thread.........

I dont Know what Jon Hancock is talkin about... Yeves has won 9 of his last 10 fight's..... I have no doubt he is the man. All I am saying is I would like to see a discussion thread about Yves Edwards, not the real Joker.

snapcase padnuh don't be hatin on TRJ; he's the minister of propaganda for the man chasin his bread....

looks like you be shoppin for a flyin pantherman shin kick........from TRJ......

Hey, no haters on my thread!

don't you know nothin hand cock........brothas don't be eatin toasted rye bitch........gimme dat wonder bread..........lets run dis........

So you're saying that Yves isn't a good fighter unless he beats Gomi or Shaolin??? You're not smart. Snapcase, this thread wasn't about me, I never brought my name up. THE PEOPLE DID!!!

Can someone be a Yves Edwards fan and dislike the real Joker.... I guess not.

Snapcase, im sorry if you take the fantasy mma forum seriously, it's not my fault you cannot suspend reality.

Hey man, I'm not fuckin with you.... I know you have the UG under your belt. All I am saying is one time in my life I would like to read a thread about Yves Edwards without having Joker's name all over it.

TTT for TheRealJoker

One day, ill be asleep when a thread is made, unlikely though snapcase!!!

Vov, you have just owned hand-cock. Remember when I didn't like you??? I like you nowadays, your a good guy!!!

Yves is the man at 155lbs.... period