When you cant finish the triangle...

...because your opponent is very strong and locks his hands around your waist, is there anything you can try besides the following?

a) switch to omoplata (sometimes seems like a less likely finish than a triangle)

b) try to break his grip (if he is strong and has his hands locked, this seems like it can be nearly impossible

what else to try?

turn to a handstand to roll him over so you end up in the mounted triangle.

cup and move the elbow of the arm that is against his neck towards your nose. this is a better way to break the grip.

I've always been taught to switch the angle of my legs. So that the leg that was on the side of the arm goes from being straight to bent over the neck, then you angle off so the leg that was initially over the neck is now off to the side.... But I'm an idiot so I might be wrong and I'm giving this explanation from the otherend of the stick, So I'm usually about to go to sleep when I see this happen. :)

reach up and wrap your arms around both your legs, linking your hands. Do a sit up while squeezing your knees together and also squeezing with your arms.

There is that reverse triangle choke that some guys pull off, where you lock your legs the opposite way you would normally do, but I haven't had that much luck with that.

But here's a stupidly simple solution, and it works :)

With both hands, push hard on his forehead so he has to look up. Next, keeping one hand on his forehead, push into his throat, right at the adam's apple, with the fist of your other hand. Finally, with the hand that's on his forehead, pull down on his head while you continue pushing into his throat with your other hand.

He has to unlock his hands and use them to defend against the pain of the choke. When he does, pull his arm across and triangle him.

So, to simplify what I said: Drive your fist into his throat!



i find the forearm/fist in the throat jonpall mentioned more successful than the reverse tri.
the reverse tri. also works well for the handstand/turn.

I work reverse triangle all the time. Works pretty good for me.

go wit garcias rev.tri or onoplata basically a standup omo

Why look! Some enterprising (and roguishly handsome) man has already posted FIVE answers to this in one brief youtube video!

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^^^ sounds awesome.....where is it?

uh...embedded in my post. did you not wait for it to appear? :)

is great video, fren.

If you can bridge up, grab one of his wrist and put your elbow on the ground so that when you drop back down you use both of your body weights to break his grip. I'll usually come over the top of his arm with my free arm, kimura-like, and yank his arm free so he can't grip back up as soon as it breaks.

If that doesn't work, the reverse triangle is my 2nd best option.

what are those ugly things on your feet, twinkletoes?

twinkletoesCT - uh...embedded in my post. did you not wait for it to appear? :)

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They are the awesomest wrestling shoes EVER:

I finally had to retire them because the ball of my foot was completely exposed.  I guess that's what happens when you use them for BJJ and Savate...

Where's Ryan Hall? Just kidding, thanks Chris.

Switch the triangle to the other side...then dig out the Kimura that's right in front of you. Special thanks to CavemanDave for teaching me that.

If you watch the Renzo video above, when he switches his triangle you can see the clear path to the Kimura.

Do you find you are able to pull out the kimura if he is locking his hands? what do you do to break his grip?