When you fight the wrong person


This guy is gonna be telling everyone he meets about the time he KO'd the ripped 6'5 300lb sober beast at the bar for disrespecting him.

Blast from the past. I think the big guy is dead now.

Looked really staged at first lol

ChristopherMoltisanti -

Looked really staged at first lol

I thought that too until towards the end and you could see the punches land. Didn't help that it looks like some kind of TV show.

Throwin'Knuckles -

Damn.. What show was that?

Black gold. It’s a drilling show.

He did sucker punch the smaller guy and he is much bigger!!!

He definitely paid for it.

looks like  SHW vs an 185’r

Cherrycola -


Is that a fake TruTv punch sound they add in at 0:12 seconds?

full video



He died: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/oaoa/obituary.aspx?n=terence-patrick-hannon-terry&pid=179497550&fhid=6149

ChristopherMoltisanti - 

Looked really staged at first lol

With that slow mo takedown...absolutely

Nice takedown