When you income returns 100% will your spending?

My income hasn't gone down yet but my spending wont return to what it was.  No vacations,  no buying expensive luxuries,   just saving.  I get the feeling that as a whole the US will curtail spending by quite a bit.  I think people will be flying less and taking less debt to buy expensive cars and stuff.


When you income returns 100% will your spending return to what it was pre covid?

I'm going to buy another motorcyle that I can mount guns to and a flamethrower.

I'll probably also get a puppy.

I going to buy quite a few ounces of gold once the price drops a few hundred bucks when people don't feel like the world is ending

Week to week spending I don’t think will change. We are already pretty sensible with day to day food, make lunch instead of buying at work etc the one thing I might change is next car get the cheapest new car that meets our need instead of a nicer brand/model. Nothing sucks more than sitting at home knowing you’re paying £350 a month for a car that you’re driving once a week.



Taking two vacations next year. I always have my bills paid off and save money. We always go on one big vacation a year for 7-10 days.

Our income took a hit but we recently in the last few years already had that issue due to illness.

So we are prepared.

We will go back to what we were doing because we had already planned out well.

My spending pre and post pandemic hasn't changed.  I live below my means and prioritize investing and saving over spending.


Once the pandemic restrictions lift my wife and I are going to use the $8k we set aside to travel.  We were initially going to travel in July/Aug and then in December, but plans are probably going to change.

My income hasn't been affected, and I've been saving a lot more because I'm not going out. But when things open back up, my spending will return to what it was. I was already a big saver before, so most of my expenses were necessities. One luxury that I did previously spend on was buying lunch every day, and I might start bringing my lunch with me a couple days a week. But other then that, my expenses will return to normal 

I have been extra generous to my favorite local spots

Our income hasn't been effected either. Luckily. We Are not bug spenders anyway so things will stay the same.


Most people who make bad money decisions will continue to make the same decisions .

Once my woman gets a new job (hours cut to 25) it’ll be back to normal. We’re frugal enough on the regular, don’t need to do much difference. Should still be able to comfortably retire at 55-60. 

My income has actually gone up since the Shelter in Place orders.  I've saved more and re-invested revenue in my side hustle.  After this is all done I will travel to islands in the Pacific to help people; more than before.  I went to Hawaii, Samoa and American Samoa last year and my travel was shut down after my trip to Hawaii this year.......but when shit gets turned back on, it's back out to the Pacific.

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paying down my investment condos

I had been planning on purchasing a car within the next year, then a house in the country within the next 2-3 years (the car purchase would be for a used SUV type with good AWD to reliably drive around in the country during winter). I still intend to do that but may have to cut back on expectations for the house. Day to day spending won't change since I'm naturally pretty frugal.

Wife & I haven't lost income. We'll be paying off a car and one credit card this summer. I plan to put that money toward our other credit card and pay that one off in a couple of months.

After that all our spending will be on home improvements - New furnace, new fence, new gutters, painting our deck. All money going to local independent small businesses.

Why are you saving? Id be worried about storing cash and inflation personally but I'm not a finance person so who knows.

Funny thing 

now would be the time to buy things 

money is at 0% and things will be on sale 

can’t see cars or Rv’s being any cheaper or have more incentives to buy than they will in a few months 

trips and all in vacations will be virtually free - just to get people coming back. 

To those planning to pay off debt. Refinance to these low rates and then stimulate the economy! 

just think about what you do.. what does your company sell. If everyone keeps their cash in their pockets.. then no one would buy your product or service and you’d be out of a job. 

do your part 

Im going on way more vacations after this.  Life is too fuckin short.

My income is the same and it’s been super nice not spending the same. My wife and I probably spent close to 600/month on eating out, drinks and needless shopping. I doubt we will go back to that.